Writing A Catchy Introduction To A Descriptive Essay: Basic Hints

Every student knows that writing a catchy introduction is important. However, it becomes crucial when you are working on a descriptive essay. This short paragraph should describe what your paper is about and attract the readers. Your task is to grab their attention and provide the necessary details, so the audience will understand the material. The following basic hints will save your effort and help you write a good introduction:

  • Consider using a pyramidal structure.
  • A pyramidal structure allows students to introduce their essay topics by presenting a bigger picture first. It’s a good idea to formulate several questions and answer them in the body paragraphs of your descriptive essay. You might start from providing your study question and then focus on particular details of your subject matter.

  • Write an outline first.
  • Remember that your introduction should be brief but informative, so you should understand what your whole assignment will look like. It should help the readers understand the topic, learn something about a subject that you describe, and get interested in reading your paper.

  • Use descriptive statements.
  • A descriptive essay introduction should help the audience trigger their imagination. In other words, you should use descriptive statements in order to explain why your study is worth doing and what you consider important about your topic. If appropriate, you can describe your subject in a personal manner in order to engage your readers.

  • Ask the readers a question.
  • In truth, most people like when you ask about their opinion. You can intrigue the readers by asking a good question. This will capture their minds and help them focus on your writing. However, make sure that such a question in the introduction corresponds to your thesis statement.

  • Avoid writing about things in general.
  • No matter what your descriptive essay topic is, you should write close to the topic. Your readers want to learn specific details, so write close to your actual topic. Don’t hesitate to mention an impressive fact related to the subject or tell a short funny story. Prepare a good transition sentence to guide your audience throughout the paper.

  • Choose the words and phrases carefully.
  • In the introduction, it’s especially important to choose the right words. Make sure that everything is written in a clear manner. You should avoid slang and phrases that have a double-meaning, remember that you’re writing an academic assignment. After your introduction is ready, don’t forget to edit and proofread it.

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