A List Of Great Health Care Essay Topics To Consider

The human body is subjected to increasing numbers of external factors such as microwaves, unhealthy food, lack of sleep and activity etc. and this has made Healthcare is one of the most relevant research areas in today’s world. Here is a list of great healthcare essay topics to consider:

  • 1. Obesity and Fast food. There is a general rush to blame fast food for the increasing levels of obesity worldwide. However, is the food to blame or does individual responsibility also have a role to play? Discuss.
  • 2. Additives in Food. Food manufacturers are adding steroids, preservatives and other additives in food. How does that affect our collective health?
  • 3. Genetically Modified Food. This is a controversial topic and people worldwide, including food scientists have genuine concerns regarding the use of GM food. What is the potential impact on healthcare?
  • 4. State Sponsored versus Private Healthcare. The story is familiar. The wealthy can afford private healthcare while the rest of the population receives government sponsored healthcare, perceived as of lower quality. Is the perception of difference in quality real?
  • 5. Exercise on Company Time. Some Japanese companies insist on their employees joining in on daily exercise activities before work each day. The idea is that exercise and healthy individuals help increase productivity. Should this idea be replicated in the rest of the world?
  • 6. Excessive use of Antibiotics. Over prescription and usage of antibiotics is leading to development of drug resistant bacteria. What can be done to reduce the reliance on the over-prescription of antibiotics?
  • 7. Discovery of new Antibiotics. After multiple decades of consistent discovery of new antibiotics, no new antibiotic has been discovered in the last 30 years. A promising lead was announced for the discovery of a new antibiotic in the US recently. How significant is this development?
  • 8. Social Media and healthcare. What impact does social media have on healthcare? Is social media responsible in some way for the increase in drug use or alcohol dependency?
  • 9. Lack of sleep. New research has shown the younger generation to be suffering from a perpetual lack of sleep. Causes cited are social media and addiction to electronic media such as films and television. Explore.
  • 10. Food at places of learning. There have long been complaints of unhealthy food being served at places like schools, colleges and universities. Should the government intervene and legislate for healthier food at places of learning?

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