Composing An Opinion Essay On Abortion: A Creative Approach

Abortion is a highly debatable issue. Hence it has become a highly challenging essay topic for most of the students. For this reason, the topic is written with strong arguments and by introducing delicate issues while reflecting one’s viewpoints.

Introduce following points and make your essay really interesting-

  • It is suggested that such topics are written in an informative way instead of judgmental manner.
  • The subject is very vast and should be written from technical point of views too.
  • Introduce medical terms to reveal your expertise and knowledge.
  • Provide evidences supporting the facts.
  • You can also write the topic by introducing unfamiliar medical procedures that most of the people use to abort the female child in the womb.
  • Flow with your thought process and write on moral grounds. Make it a basis of a sound and consistent essay.
  • Talk about various beliefs and develop awareness about various traps.
  • Avoid using emotional words and stay honest. Never represent the other side of the belief with false facts, figures or factual arguments.
  • Talk about the real issues and not about the crazy statements of politicians.
  • You can also talk about women’s reproductive organs. Make an argument and accuse Taliban for treating female as their personal property.
  • Remember you are writing to motivate and persuade people to follow you.

Apart from that you should follow the below mentioned structure of the essay-

  • Introduction: Organize your thoughts and plan them effectively. Make an interesting start. You can begin the topic by introducing some real facts and figures. Brainstorm for the ideas and refer as many books and articles as you can. This step is necessary and helps in launching all points while outlining the thought process.
  • Body: Select the relevant points and elaborate them with appropriate evidences. You should minimally introduce 5 solid points. List them up and follow free writing style making smooth transformation from one paragraph to another.
  • Conclusion: This section offers the gist of the entire essay. It is summing up of the entire essay in one or two sentence revealing the outcome. It should constitute ten percent of the total word count. Make sure to keep it interesting.

This is one of the best creative approaches to be followed while writing one of the supreme scaled opinion essays on abortion. However, if students are still facing issues and want some more assistance to avoid redundancy at all cost, they should follow this link.

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