Helpful Hints On Writing A Five-Paragraph Essay For Fourth Grade Students

If you are a fourth grade student who is still stuck in the process of learning simple essay composition, then something is definitely amiss. However, this does not mean you will be stuck in the unknown forever. Essay writing is learnt right from elementary school and as one progresses to higher levels of learning, it gets advanced and diversified. But, do you need to go back to your lower grades to learn the basics of literary composition before you can be able to make a five-paragraph masterpiece? In fourth grade, there is not much needed in writing compositions. However, some fundamental skills apply. A case in point is how you are supposed to go about a short composition that only entails five paragraphs. Obviously, every student in this grade knows that there ought to be an introduction and at the end of your writing, a summary or conclusion is a necessary evil. But there is more. In this article, hints on going about this are discussed in details to shed more insights on what you already know. These will fine-tune you essay next time you sit down to compose one. Let’s take a look.

Your introduction should be a hook

Well, in fourth grade, every student knows that introduction is a prerequisite to a piece of writing. However, what makes the difference between one essay and other is how this part is composed. Well, because it serves as the entry point into your mind, you should make you introduction captivating. In this regard, use of anecdotes, questions and analogies would put you above par.

Developing your paragraphs using transitional words

A masterpiece of writing should be that which is flowing so that when one picks it for reading, the logical flow of ideas can be determined. However, this can only be best achieved through the use of transition words which are very essential for a five-paragraph essay. Only have a draft of these connectors and learn how to use them appropriately.

Topic sentences are explosive

A great piece of a five-paragraph paper can also be determined by how each paragraph is developed. In this regard, it is always important to introduce an idea in every paragraph even if it is a furtherance of what is previously discussed. This enhances the flow of your essay.

Choose an easy topic

Developing a short essay is tantamount to having a topic that can be well conceptualized. This is so because developing the paragraphs will be as natural as writing.

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