Forensic Science

Forensic science is a scientific field that involves the art of past information gathering and examination that is later used in the court of law. The word forensic originates from the Latin word forensis, that means before or of the forum. Forensic science has a long history dating back to Roman times, during which charge meant the presentation of the case before a group of public persons in the forum. Both the accuser and the person accused of the crime would present speeches based on their sides of the story.

The case would be settled in favour of the person with the best delivery and argument. This origin serves as the source of the two forensic modern usages as a category of public presentation and as a form of legal evidence. In the modern use, the term forensics can be used in place of forensic science as the term forensics is a valid synonym for related or legal to court.

History of forensic

There was the lack of standardised forensic practices in the ancient world that helped criminals in escaping punishment. Criminals’ trials and investigations considerably relied on forced witness testimonies and confessions. However, there is evidence in the ancient sources of several accounts of techniques that foreshadow forensic science concepts that were developed in the following centuries.

Around the world, methods encompassed saliva and examination of the tongue and mouth to establish guilt or innocence. In ancient Indian and Chinese cultures, at times suspects were required to fill their mouths with rice that was dried and spit it. On the other hand, the ancient Middle East cultures, the suspects were expected to leak briefly hot metal rods. Both of these techniques had some sense since a guilty individual would produce less saliva making him/ her have a drier mouth. If the accused’ tongues were severely burnt or rice sticking to their mouth in abundance as a result of saliva’s shield lack, the accused were pronounced guilty.

Applications of Forensic Science

Everybody who watches television or reads the newspaper is vividly aware of the impact that physical evidence scientific analysis can have in a criminal case. A small number of people are aware that this kind of analysis can also be of crucial importance private cases and other civil cases. There are variations in the reasons why the investigators don’t employ physical evidence in private cases. Forensic science with its diverse disciplines can prove to be quite complex. The investigator may not comprehend the type of analysis required and the nature of the evidence.

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