What Are The Main Qualities Of A Good Argumentative Essay

During your education, you will need to write hundreds of essays following different requirements and on very different topic. To be able to create all of them successfully, you need to learn the basics of writing so you can make a great paper in a matter of hours. Even if not every student has talent in writing, this does not mean he can not learn how to do it. If you follow simple instructions, you put your effort into it, and you watch the details, you can make any kind of essay. A good argumentative essay is not an exception, and these are the main qualities it needs to have:

  • A great topic. Isn’t this the most important part of a paper? Even if everything else is great if you write about something dull and boring, your professor and classmates will be bored before they even finish reading your paper. It is always good to chose something that you are passionate about because will not only have fun while writing, but your content will be engaging and interesting to others.
  • Choose an idea to support. In an argumentative essay, you have a central issue that you support with arguments. The more debatable the issue is, the more successful your paper will be. Pick an issue wisely and do not be afraid to go for the complex, intriguing problems.
  • Use valid arguments. Many students express their opinion, rather than valid reasons. Even if you want to introduce your point of view, this should be at the end of the composition. The arguments that you use are worth at least half of the mark that you will get, so be sure to be complex, but clear in your writing. Use information, number, official charts, diagrams when needed, anything to support your ideas. A simple “ I think” is not enough.
  • Introduce a conclusion. This is an element that can’t mist from an argumentative essay. The conclusion needs to be formed based on the arguments that you previously used, and it need to be valid. If the charts and information indicate one thing, that is what you need to support your conclusion. In the end, if you want, you can introduce your personal point of view but make sure it’s not longer than one-two paragraphs. Follow these indications, and you have a great chance to create an excellent paper!

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