Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are the most prevalent types of crime today. It is, however, unfortunate that they are not seen as much of crime. In most cases, they go unreported. They cause a lot of harm and letting people that are involved in hate crimes go unpunished is a significant failure of the judicial systems. Hate crimes are crimes that associated with the status of an individual. The status that mostly forms the basis of hate crimes includes religion, race, originality, sexual orientation, gender and disability. Hate crimes will include actions like attacking places of worship for certain groups, sexual assault, rape, verbal and physical harassment. These crimes are motivated by biases. Those who are involved believe that a particular group or an individual is inferior or are not right in what they do and believe in.

War against Hate Crimes

These crimes usually have adverse effects on people. They harm both individuals and the individual and the community as a whole. There thus should be severe measures in place to fight these crimes. These crimes have effects like damage or change of lifestyle, making one feel vulnerable, fearing for one's life or safety and at times physical hurt. These effects cause a lot of societal harm. In some cases, individuals get depression and even post-traumatic stress. When these cases are reported, the judges should take the time to access the motive of the accused individuals. This will be significant so as to make sure that justice is served. Bearing in mind the harm that these crimes have on the society, they should not be judged lightly. Severe punishments should be taken on those found guilty.

Care while judging Hate Crimes

These crimes may sometimes be seen expressing one's rights. This is the major hindrance to giving justice to individuals that are victims of hate crimes. This is why the motive of the actions of people should be investigated before a ruling is made. The most common right that is used to confuse people is that of the right of speech. Intentions of an individual may be hard to tell where speech is in question. These are the few things that make hate crimes so rampant. Judges should be cautious so that punishments do not undermine or conflict the fundamental rights. However, we should not give a blind eye to the actions that are outright hate crime elements. One's rights should not be allowed to be a basis of undermining others.

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