A List Of Great Accounting Essay Topics For University Students

People who are good with numbers and quantitative analysis have a huge advantage when it comes to accounting and finance in university. That’s because that’s what accounting is about! If you follow the financial news closely, you would get a taste of how the financial world works. It is rather complex but if you are willing to learn, I’m sure you’re able to do it! Obviously at university level, you will be required to write top-quality essays (and get a good grade!), but if you are struggling to come up with topics, here is a list of topics that might be helpful to you:

  • Auditing
  • As you are aware, auditing is a major component of accountancy and you can basically talk about it in your essay! It could be very broad or it could be focused on one aspect; it’s your choice.

  • Financial market
  • That’s not your typical market! But rather they trade foreign currencies (FOREX) or stock shares or options. The possibilities are rather endless and you can just choose something to write about!

  • Tax
  • Tax should always be a great topic to write about in your accounting essay. Obviously tax is a legal obligation (illegal to avoid tax!), but many organisations and individuals are paying more than they need!

  • Personal finance
  • Do you think it would help an individual if he or she had employed an accountant to manage his or her personal finance? It’s not conventional, but it might work.

  • Debt
  • Debt and debt management are extremely important, as it affects an organisation’s direction immediately and in the future. What are the options available and how do they avoid paying excessive interest.

  • Organisational culture
  • A big part of accounting and finance is the analysis of organisational culture. There are so many different organisational cultures around the world and there is no right or wrong! However, how do these cultures affect accountancy procedures?

  • Cash flow
  • As an accountant, it is expected from you that you can manage a company’s cash flow (on paper only!). You should be able to let the company know about its financial situation.

  • Business investment
  • Obviously, you can also advise where the business should invest on to maximise their return. Bear in mind that investment always involves risk and having knowledge in risk management would be a huge advantage here!

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