Writing Lessons For Dummies: Effective Essay Transitions

When you are trying to make your writing effective, essay transitions play a vital role. Transition ties your writing work together. Here writer is supposed to make connections by linking different pieces into a whole. It also guides the reader in jotting down all the ideas in their sequential order.

Following are some of the most effective writing lessons for dummies-

  1. What are the writing signs? Writing signs are like the road signs that click ideas in your mind as in what you should do next. These are logical pieces of words that arrange your ideas in an orderly manner.
  2. It can be in the form of phrases or sentences. It can be as simple as a word or can be group of words. When you are writing fiction stories, you generally use words like- meanwhile, in order to, next, soon, later, finally, etc. These words twist the direction of the content.
  3. While writing non – fiction contents, you should use terms like furthermore, similarly, too, like, likewise, etc. These terms are used when the writer is expanding his thoughts keeping ideas organized. You do not have to initiate a new thought process, but writing can be in continuation of the previous description. Moreover, the existing structure can be in the form of first, second and third steps or points indicating milestone. Move smoothly from one point to another serving your purpose. Remember, transition terms should fit the logical statements.
  4. For using counter arguments, you should use words like however, although, yet, still, conversely etc. These will help in making smooth transition again.
  5. Transitional phrases: These are a group of words that convey similar meaning but via a group of words. Instead of saying “stop”, you can say- “do not enter”. In fact, in particular, on the other hand, to illustrate are some of such phrases that make a beautiful transition while writing an essay. In contrast, in spite of this, by comparison are some other ways of saying the same thing.
  6. While writing the conclusion, you can use transition phrases like – on conclusion, to summarize, in summary, as it is, already shown etc.
  7. Transitional sentences: These are one complete sentence that drives the reader to the new direction. For example—“let’s have a look at an example”.

Based on the type of essay you are writing, use the transition words, phrases and sentences and make a beautiful turn to accomplish your job successfully. If you are a student who has no idea about the writing process, the above stated points will help you commendably.

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