What to Know if I Want to Write My Essay Quickly?

Writing a great essay when you have short deadline is one of the toughest and most demanding tasks you will ever encounter as a student. However, with the right knowledge and proper mindset it’s entirely possible to write a really good paper in a limited amount of time. Here’s what you need to know in order to write your essay quickly:

Plan Your Essay

The first step in writing quickly is planning your assignment. It’s generally a pretty good idea to spend about 10 percent of the time you have in writing on just the planning phase. You don’t want to rush into the process without having an idea or sense of direction; doing so could lead to a lot of mental road blocks and dead ends.

Gather Your Main Points

Develop a simple but direct thesis statement to work around. Gather your arguments and supporting evidence before you get started. You don’t need to develop your thoughts entirely, but you do need to have a clear sense of the main elements you will be discussing.

Create an Outline

Take your major points and organize them in a simple outline. Be sure to include all of your supporting evidence beneath each relevant topic. This isn’t a step you can afford to skip when you have little time to work. A good outline will ensure that you stay on track and on topic as you write your first draft and your mind begins to wander in different directions.

Write Clearly and Simply

When you’re forced to write an essay in a limited amount of time, you shouldn’t try to write elaborate sentences that will probably only trip you (not to mention your reader) up as you write. Stick to words you know well and use in normal conversation. Flashy vocabulary won’t impress the reader if you fail to use your words correctly.

Write Your Intro and Conclusion Last

It’s a pretty good idea to write your introduction and conclusion last. Many people find these paragraphs difficult to write, generally, because an essay needs to first take shape. Don’t get hung up trying to introduce something you don’t quite know has been fully formed.

Focus on Supporting Evidence

Your main focus should be on what topics and supporting evidence you will use. These will all appear in your body paragraphs and make up the core of your paper. Make sure your topics and supporting evidence is delivered efficiently and effectively. This will make your paper much stronger and increase your chances of earning a top grade.

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