Where To Find A Good Analysis And Evaluation Essay Example

Analysis and evaluation essays are two different types of academic assignments. An analysis type paper means you need to perform some background check on the subject and analyze different aspects of a given subject. This can be about a piece of literature, artwork, process, object or theory. You need to use concrete examples and valid data to support your stance in such an assignment. An evaluation paper requires students to stay objective and make a list of negative and positive aspects of the subject. In an analysis paper, students need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the subject or given topic. Evaluation paper means you will introduce your subject or topic in the first paragraph in a manner that can hook your readers. Discuss the positive and negative aspects in the body of the paper. You should be able to give reasons for your counter arguments and opposite views. The conclusion is the last paragraph of your paper where you need to summarize your paper in a precise manner and emphasize on your thesis statement to show your success in proving it right.

If you are to write both these essays for your school or need to practice different types of papers then you should consider looking at a sample first. Even though all essay assignments follow the same format, it is still important to look at custom samples to understand the tone, approach, structure and style of your paper. A practical example will help you understand all these features without much trouble. Try to find an example that closely relates to your subject or topic so that you do not have to face any issues. It is better to look at professional written papers so that you can understand the strategies they adopt for composing winning assignments.

Divide your task and tackle one paper at a time. First look for one type of essay and when you complete it, move to the second one

Below are some places where students can find good examples for various essay types

  • The internet is loaded with professional writing agencies and homework help sites that can write my TOK essay for me. You can spot a reliable writing agency and find relevant examples for your paper. Some of these sites may even require you to create an account or sign up in order to access the complete paper
  • The other good idea is to visit a library to find relevant examples

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