American Red Cross

American Red Cross is a famous and popular organization. It has members in more than 187 countries all over the world. American Red Cross is humanitarian in nature. The American Red Cross organization offers assistances majorly in cases of disaster occurrence. Saving lives is the primary aim of the American Red Cross members. The American Red Cross is comprised and made up of volunteers from the communities. The Organization does not charge for the services to the people. Apart from life-saving the American Red Cross is also involved in educating the people, especially on safety, health and preparedness. The American Red Cross organization highly relies on the donations of the communities for their operations. The Red Cross also does the safety and health training. This is another source of the income for the organization. Blood products are also another source of income for the Red Cross organization.

Roles and Duties of American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is majorly involved in life-saving operations. In case of disaster occurrence, the organization provides life-saving activities to the affected. First aid activities and ambulance services are an important component of the life-saving mission of the Red Cross organization. Comforting families is also a significant role of the Red Cross organization. The families of the military members who perish in war need some support. The American Red Cross plays this role. The team is also involved in helping and assisting the needy in the communities. Collecting of blood from volunteer donors is also a role played by the organization. After blood collection, the American Red Cross then distributes the blood products in areas where they are needed or required. Training in matters of health and safety is another role of the American Red Cross. This is done through organized education programs by the organization. The volunteers in this organization work wholeheartedly to help other people.

Challenges Faced by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is faced with various challenges in their operations. The organization is made up of volunteers. They highly depend on donations from the community. Sometimes funds may not be enough for their operations. Convincing people to donate blood sometimes gets hard. The organization can thus be faced with the problem of shortage of required blood products to save lives. Sometimes the nature of disasters may make life-saving operations very difficult and cumbersome for the American Red Cross members.

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