A Brief Tutorial On How To Write An Essay On 9/11

You have been asked to write an essay on 9/11. This means that you are required to discuss the tragic event of the World Trade Centre and as such, should do so in a logical manner. This makes the paper expository in nature and a fair analysis of the event, based mainly on facts, needs to be carried out. In such writing, it is not necessary for you to form any opinion or get argumentative. Instead, you are expected to explain the events of that day and possibly, how people’s lives were affected by it.

Even though this essay is not argumentative, it does not mean it is very simple to write. Therefore, if you need help writing your paper on 9/11, here are some tips to start with. They are as follows:

  • Engage In Prewriting: This is the stage where you engage in extensive brainstorming, especially based on the main ideas for the paper. You also carry out researches in order to gather enough reliable and provable data surrounding the events of that day. Also, the outline is created and properly arranged in logical sequence.
  • Understand The Composition: This paper is usually made up of five paragraphs which are: Introduction, three body paragraphs, and the conclusion. While the introduction briefly states the main ideas of the paper, the three body paragraphs go into detailed discussion of these ideas and finally, the conclusion ties all the analyzed points together.
  • Write The First Draft: In writing your essay paper’s introduction, the topic sentence should be carefully written as it serves as your thesis statement. It should be written in such a way that it does not portray that you are being argumentative or giving an opinion. It should also be within a manageable scope so that it can be fully addressed within three body paragraphs. While writing the body paragraphs, make sure that you include examples and facts to lend support to each of the paragraphs. When it comes to the conclusion, you should write it in such a way that it reinforces what you already stated in the introduction of your paper. Avoid the introduction of new information or material at this stage.

With these tips, you should not have any difficulties writing your essay on 9/11. You should also remember that since you are discussing an event that is centred on other people’s lives and not your own personal experience, it should be written in the third person. This means you should use “she”, “they”, “he”, or “it” instead of “I”, or “me”.

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