Healthcare Law

Over the past few years Healthcare in different countries has defined and changed many of their healthcare laws for very different reasons. This is true of several European countries including the UK, but this essay will focus on the Healthcare Law in the US. Although the new US Healthcare Law may seem to be complex it is actually based on a few basic principles.

The first most important aspect to the new Healthcare Law is that if you already have good coverage through your current healthcare plan then you can stay with it. Children who are on their parent’s health insurance plan can stay with it up until they are aged 26. This can be confusing especially for ‘children’ who are married and really should be independent of their parents. This means that if a couple get married aged 24, and decide to have a baby then their parents still have a responsibility to co-pay for the health coverage through the coverage. This not seem to be fair for the prospective grandparents as their children are grown up enough to get married so they should be responsible for their decision to have a baby.

Medicare for seniors stays as it is but there are fears that this may change over a period of time. Concern is that the government will raise the age that people are able to receive Medicare to the point that if you are on a fixed income you will no longer be able to afford an adequate healthcare plan.

But even before the Healthcare Law there were a large percentage of people who did not have healthcare insurance. They are now obliged by law have healthcare insurance and to make this process easier there is now a Healthcare Insurance Marketplace to look for and purchase a private insurance plan if you are not fortunate enough to work for a company that provides a good healthcare plan, Although many of these companies cover you for Pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes and Asthma as well as provide some really good preventive services getting signed up with them may take a bit of time. In reality expect to devote at least 2 days on the telephone sorting out your cover and ten don’t assume that you are covered until you have it in writing.

If you don’t have healthcare insurance you can be fined. Fines currently stand at $95 per adult and half of that per child or 1% of the annual family income (whichever is higher). There are some programs that will support people on low wages. Support may include lower monthly premiums and lower co-pay levels.

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