Great Problem Solution Essay Topics: A List Of Ideas For High School Students

Problem solution essays are self-defining. It deals with a problem and tries to find emergent solutions for the same over the extent of the essay. This is probably why most high school students have a soft corner for the piece.

Find emergent solutions

It is necessary to delve deep into the topic and find sustaining solutions; not just the obvious ones that have been tried for generations. There needs to be a new way for every 100 trodden ways we have taken.

Here are 15 problem solution essay topics for your reference:

  1. Finding solutions for the rising wave of terrorism – This is a rampant issue; especially post 9/11.
  2. Nepotism in corporate offices; how can that be curbed? – Most people in high positions of corporate offices are succeeded by family members or friends. A look-in!
  3. How to keep Global Warming and Energy Crisis at bay? – Both are big wolves which keep feeding on our fear for future. Write an exploratory essay.
  4. How to anticipate and stop when players intentionally throw the game for monetary reasons? – This anomaly is extremely hard to contain.
  5. How to control and stop movie piracy? – The movie industry suffers a lot from the threat of piracy.
  6. How to stem the rot in politics and put an end to the innumerable frauds and scams? – Politics is laced and laden with frauds and scams. Write a detailed essay on the topic.
  7. What to do to lessen the cases of sexual assaults in educational campuses? – It is necessary to make the fair sex feel secure while they study or teach.
  8. How to solve the pertinent problem of home foreclosure and default? – Many people find problems paying the loan back. A report!
  9. How to check the two lifestyle diseases; namely, Obesity and Diabetes? – Both the diseases make the heart suffer a lot in due course of time.
  10. How to recover from break-up blues? – Guys and girls feel the pangs of break-up for a long time. Show them the way.
  11. How to counter the bullying threat in schools and colleges? – Bullying seeps into the mindset of the weak students and hamper their educational performance.
  12. How to change the mindset of those who suffer from depression and suicidal tendencies? – Write a sensitive essay on how to treat suicidal and depressed friends.
  13. How to dilute the effects of Racism in society? – Racism creates a great divide between the different sects, creeds and races in a society.
  14. How to negate the spirit of one-upmanship in educational institutions? – Many students and even teachers try to prove superior to others in educational institutions.
  15. How to solve the problem of teen pregnancy? – This is a pivotal issue which has to be tackled delicately.

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