Inventing Outstanding Military Essay Topics: 5 Things To Remember

  1. Be original. Some essay topics have been written time and time again, usually because they’re easy to come up with, and easy to write about. If you really want to stand out, try to be original. When you think you have an idea, go online and see how many other people have written about the same topic. The more results you get, the less likely that essay is really going to wow your instructor. Look for a topic that’s different than the rest, and your teacher will be impressed by your originality!
  2. Be relevant. If a problem has already be solved, why write about it? If it’s a problem that has never occurred and will probably never occur, you’re wasting your time trying to solve it. Instead of writing about something in the past, that no longer has any impact on modern life, or an imagined, unlikely future possibility, write about something that’s relevant to today’s issues!
  3. Be creative. Sometimes, it’s okay to think outside the box. When you think about the military, you don’t necessarily think about creativity, but there’s room for creativity anywhere! Brainstorm with a pad of paper and a pen, and let yourself go crazy. Write down all your ideas, even the silly ones. You’ll find, once your brain gets going, that it’s actually hard to stop coming up with good ideas!
  4. Be interesting. If you’re bored writing the paper, your teacher is going to be bored reading it! Choose a topic that genuinely interests you, so that you’re excited about researching and writing about it. Your interest will shine through and make the paper much better!
  5. Be open-minded. Inspiration can come from anywhere: the newspaper, the internet, a TV show, a friend, a family member, an overheard conversation, even a line in a song. Keep your ears, eyes, and mind open to the world around you and you may find that your brain picks up on something that would make an excellent topic, without you ever having to lift a finger! Of course, being pro-active is good, too, but keeping an open mind is always a good idea, and you may find that the world around you can really inspire you if you’re paying attention!

Here are some great topics to get you started:

  • The history of women in the military
  • The history of Native American and American military cooperation
  • Racism in the military
  • The pro’s and con’s of forced conscription
  • Commercialization of military bases
  • The evolution of military strategy during the Iraq War
  • Why America should or should not have a standing army
  • Military techniques in Europe versus America
  • The history of bugle calls in the military
  • The changing public perspective of the military

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