8 Steps for Writing an Interesting Exploratory Essay

The most unusual essay style you may ever write is called the exploratory. You do not want to convince or prove any thing in this essay. Instead you want to discover a problem and to form some conclusions about how the problem could be solved. The steps for writing the paper are similar to others, but include some extra steps.

  1. The Introduction-you will first write the introduction. It will point out the reason or causes of the problem. It will also briefly investigate the ways to cure or to solve the problem. You will have a hook, background material, and a thesis statement just like in all essays.
  2. The Causes-it is very important that when you go over the causes that you have solid evidence that is cited.
  3. The Cures-it is also important that when you suggest cures or solutions that you have solid evidence that is cited.
  4. Body Paragraphs-in the body paragraph, you will handle main points. These detailed points will be the specific and detailed arguments. You are looking for the audience to agree with your summation about the problems and potential cures. This analysis section is important.
  5. Support-the support in all sections of the paper must be obtained from credible sources. It can be in many forms such as interviews, quotes, data, stories, observations, or interviews.
  6. The Conclusion- the conclusion will summarize the paper, restate the thesis statement, and proved a universal statement about the issues and solutions presented.
  7. Proofing and Editing-all papers should be carefully proofed and edited. This is an important step to any paper. A paper with perfect content can receive a lower grade if there are numerous grammatical and mechanical errors.
  8. Rewriting-you will need to rewrite the paper once you have proofed and edited the paper. The rewrite will be the final paper. Your teacher may ask to have both copies of the paper submitted. For the final papers make sure you meet the deadlines of the paper. You will also want to follow all instructions that the teacher gives you concerning the paper.

When you are given an assignment for an exploratory paper, then follow our all- important eight steps for success. As always, if you get lost or behind in your writing, ask for professional help from a tutor or hire a writing company.

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