How to Do My Essay in an Hour: Advice from a Professional

Brainstorming, outlining, and writing an essay in an hour can be a great accomplishment. It actually can be easier to do than you might imagine. Stick to the following formula closely, the next time your have only 60 minutes to complete a writing assignment.

15 Minutes - Brainstorming

In this very important 15-minute block, you should brainstorm. Write or research everything you possibly can about your topic. If you have to cite and include a reference sheet, you will want to make the sheet as your brainstorm. DO not think that you will be able to go back and cite and make the reference sheet at the end, it will not happen. These 15 minutes and the next 1 5minutes are the most important steps in a 60-minute essay.

15 Minutes - Outline

Now take all of the found information, data, resources, quotes, and your ideas and make the most detailed 60-minute outline that you can. Your outline, whether it is a topic outline or a sentence outline, must be perfect. This is very important, because you will not have time to change the direction of your paper once you begin.

20 Minutes

Now you can relax just a bit and you can write. Use your outline and move slowly and carefully from paragraph to paragraph. Make sure that you have a strong introduction and a solid conclusion. Have a different paragraph for each of your main ideas.

5 Minutes

In this last five minutes, you will proof and you will edit your paper. Consider this time segment to be cleanup time. It is important to the quality of the essay. You will scan and then correct. You will then deep read and correct. If you have any time left at this point, you will scan and correct one more time.

If for some reason, you have extra time left over. That time should go toward the editing slot. Do not go back and try to cram in more details or restructure the essay. You should instead smooth and polish the existing essay. You cannot restructure in five minutes.

If you must write an essay in an hour, use this tired and true format to compose and write my paper. Professional writers all over the world have used this form for centuries. Good luck wiring your 60-minute essay and always use this format.

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