What Are The Features Of A Good Essay Spelling Checker?

Good spelling is essential part of a quality essay. First thing that will catch your readers eye is your spelling and grammar. No matter how superb your work is, if it contains blunders that even a toddler wouldn’t make, you will not be able to get a good grade. If you really want your hard work to pay off, just make sure to use a good spelling checker, so you wouldn’t humiliate yourself with sillyslips. It can be a program that you find on the internet, but if you are not a genius with computers, you can just ask somebody to help you and check your work. Looking for help online sounds very simple. Nevertheless, how to choose the best options among many, and how can we trust the report it generates?

Here are some features of a good essay spelling checker that you should consider while searching for one:

Intelligent checker

A good essay spelling checker should show you all the words that you misspelled, but also words that maybe look fine, but are potentially a mistake. Sometimes it happens that we make a “logical misspells”. So, basically, that word actually exist, just doesn’t mean what we were aiming for. Mistake like this can easily make your whole essay sound silly, or your point will be out of place.


Good essay spelling checker gives you correct option right away. It can also give you many suggestions or even some synonyms, so you can forge the sentence that sounds the best. It shouldn’t autocorrect anything, because sometimes your “mistake” is what you are actually trying to say. So essential, you need to have many options, and many suggestions.


In order to check spelling in an essay, one has to have an impressive vocabulary. If there are not too many words in the databases used for spelling check, many mistakes may pass undetected.

Understand the hidden dangers

Using spelling checker on your essay is important, and that should be your first step in proofreading, but never the only one. Point is not to trust a program more than you trust your own eyes. There are certain things that even the best spelling checkers are not good at. Proper names, for instance. Most spelling checkers don’t really work on homonyms, and they may flag words that are correct. Always look twice before you submit your paper, even with the best spelling checker at hand.

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