How Do You Write A Response To Literature Essay?

While writing custom law essays on your own is a common practice in education, there are situations that require you to write a piece describing the impact a particular published paper had on you, when you read it. These are called response essays and they can come in many forms, all of which can be found on the web.

Construction of this type of essay can be done easily by adhering to the following, simple guideline:

  1. Thesis statement
  2. This is a statement that completely identifies the purpose of your essay. When writing this type of paper, you should have a direction of analysis, or a point you wish to prove and the thesis statement contains this idea in a single sentence. Your sentence must be direct, clear and must deal with a single aspect of the passage, which you will then proceed to support by presenting relevant evidence as contained in the original document.

  3. Elements of the passage
  4. Before delving into your theory, it is important to objectively identify each important character in the original story. Most often, these characters are people, but they can also be inanimate objects, like a law, a company, nation or a moral stance.

  5. Message of the passage
  6. Every piece of literature attempts to convey a particular message or meaning through the story told and you must identify what this message is, as intended by the original author. Also known as the theme, this message is usually not directly stated in the passage, but instead it is implied through a deep understanding of the entire story.

  7. Literary styles and devices used
  8. Authors employ many different literary devices to get their message to readers and many of these have specific names and applications. Identifying these devices is crucial in understanding what the writer intended and analyzing their effectiveness is equally important. Attention should be paid to the existence of complex, hard to identify examples of usually simpler devices.

  9. Conclusion
  10. As stated, your main purpose in writing this paper is to express a particular opinion or view on the original passage, then presenting evidence to support your argument. After having done this, it is only natural to end your paper with a conclusive statement, one that clearly states whether or not you have proven your hypothesis to be true. Keep it short and ensure that it is undeniably supported by objectively presented evidence.

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