School Violence - A Social Problem

A social issue is a challenge affecting the society wellbeing. There has been an increase in the school violence cases in world, which is a major concern for community and the students. The following paper delineates on the school violence and explains ways it has evolved to be a social problem.

The growth of school violence in past ten year’s primary concern for the authorities since, it has resulted in death, injuries, and loss of property. There are two levels of school conflicts: first is a school to school and second violence in same school. In the first case, schools are fighting among themselves especially during competitive sports and festivals. There is a lot of animosity between learning institution rather than collaborative efforts to learn from each other. The aggression is a challenge to the society since, students are supposed to learn and develop integration and cohesion skills when in schools. However, the interschool’s fighting has hampered the society vision for a more united community.

Violence in the same school has occurred in the form of strikes, bullying, and demonstrations. In some schools, the senior students in school harass the junior pupils to show their supremacy. Schools administration has been in the forefront to fight bullying and intimidation in their learning institutions. Education is critical for training individuals in the need for accommodating everyone in the society, but the school violence has destroyed such hopes.

Both the society and the government have developed measures to try to stop the aggression by application of various strategies. The strategies include first individual-level prevention approach. The method involves the training and educating the children on the need for a safe learning environment. Training is necessary for building the culture of tolerance and respect of the others in the society. The second strategy is the drafting of new rules and policy that will be effective in handling the offenders. Punishment sets an example to others who may wish to cause violence in school.

In conclusion, school violence is a complex situation that requires collaborative efforts to deal with the social problem. Both the society and government should collaborate to ensure the safety of all pupils in the school. Students should be educated on the needs of having a safe learning environment and the need to protect each other. School law and policy should be updated to reflect the needs of the society of safe schools for their children.

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