How To Compose An Argumentative Essay On Junk Food: Writing Ideas

Everyone loves junk food. Well, most people do. We all have vices. Junk food tastes goods; it's easy, fast and good for cravings. But practically everyone knows that junk food isn't very good for you. Lots of people are concerned about the calories and additives, as well as its contribution to obesity or diabetes.

Knowing that it's bad for you doesn't stop people from buying and consuming it. Whether there's a sale or something that's not a name brand, junk food can usually be bought at cheap or discounted prices. There are some people who limit themselves and others who do not.

There are so many stances that you could take for this topic. There are different views and opinions to focus on. If you're stuck, don't know where to begin or just need some inspiration to come up with ideas of your own, here are some ideas that I find interesting:

  • Should there be regulations or restrictions on junk food? How much should people be allowed to buy and who should be excluded completely?
  • Should junk food be made more expensive? Would this prevent people from buying it?
  • Argue that people should be able to sue fast food companies. Explain why the law prohibiting the suing of fast food companies should be thrown out.
  • Argue that warnings should be put on junk food. Most people don't know or don't care what goes into their junk food. Do you think that if people were more aware of what they were eating, would it make them take more precautions?
  • Argue the effects of junk food; show what health issues are caused by consuming it or what conditions are worsened because of the consumption of it.
  • Remember that not everyone knows just how bad junk food can be. You can simply center your essay on giving that information.
  • Reveal information about food-borne illnesses that can come from fast food.
  • Junk food in schools; should it be banned and is it realistic to ask such a thing?

There are a lot of topics about the body, but you could write an essay about the effects that junk food has on people's mental state. Junk food has a poor effect people’s ability to concentrate. It can also make people feel tired and put them in a bad mood.

We know about health issues such as heart, liver and weight, but you could write about the effects that junk food has on people's digestive systems. Because of the lack of fiber, the food puts a strain on people's stomachs and intestines.

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