Coming Up With Reflective Essay Topics: A List Of Catchy Ideas

Essay topics are popular and if you have a knack for coming up with them, lucrative. However, sometimes finding the essay topic you want just feels like it’s out of reach. Building that phrase or that inspiring text that’s going to have you arguing and defending doesn’t necessarily come easily. But it does come, and there are a few ways to ensure that it does.

What’s worth reasoning for? This is a question that can often lead to some polarizing effects and certainly has a power of its own. Because your topic is something that will require a supportive argument, finding the subject of your choice could be made as a supportive stance on something else you want. It depends on how much vision that you have.

Reflective essay topics depend on opinion. These essays are not based on fact because facts are facts. If you can be a little bit vague in your thesis and reflecting on the ideas of what things inspire you and build something with that. That might not be a waste of time instead of just trying to be so smart and beat everyone else in the class.

Some categories include:

  • Money
  • Business
  • Animals
  • Gods
  • Quantum mechanics
  • The multiverse
  • Fast food

These are some topics that are usually applied when it comes to thesis statements and science always has a brainstorm happening. From these, you can basically think it into something that you want to write about. Why science doesn’t die or q thousand reasons why you could live forever. These topics and thesis statements just have to make a point that you can argue, and the reality is that science will always back the thesis up.

Writing an essay and finding a thesis statement is entirely based on your own interest in what you are writing about it. What do you want to write about? Do you want to write about food, business, transportation, love, romance, lies, cheating, stealing, benefits, deceit, and the list goes on and on.

Find and settle on your own thesis statement that isn’t necessarily to make you important or the head of the class, but something you can think of and that adds some value to you as you write it. If you write what you want and still get a low grade, at least you know the teacher and you don’t get along.

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