A List Of Outstanding Evaluation Essay Topics To Do Your Research On

Even though the list of possible evaluation essay topics is unlimited, students repeatedly tend to pick from just a few of the same topics. This results in topics that are overused, so students have more of a chance of being accused of plagiarism. With unique evaluation essay topics, students write better essays and their instructors are more interested in reading what they have to say.

Evaluation essays are similar to movie reviews, food critiques, and other types review pieces. They look closely at the parts of a process, an experience, or an event to decide whether or not the topic is worthwhile. When you choose a topic, it is a good idea to pick something that you want to learn more about so you can conduct honest research and show that you have learned something. When you write about something you know too well, your review has a chance of becoming too biased and cliche. Here are a few topics:

  • Evaluate the common maternity leaves in major countries
  • Evaluate the experience of watching live professional sports at an arena or stadium
  • Evaluate the experience of running in a long distance race
  • Evaluate the benefits of eating organic food
  • Evaluate the choices of extra-curricular activities at your school
  • Evaluate the way that grades are used to judge students applying for college
  • Evaluate the qualities that earn movies top award
  • Evaluate the similarities and differences between a novel and its movie
  • Evaluate the quality of made-for-TV movies vs. theater-quality movies
  • Evaluate the places in town that have been deemed “the best”
  • Evaluate the benefits of using cellphones in the classroom
  • Evaluate how people spend their time using social media
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of standardized tests
  • Evaluate the quality of three cars that you would like to own
  • Evaluate the quality of your favorite clothing brands
  • Evaluate the differences between running with or without shoes
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different forms of exercise
  • Evaluate the differences between children who attended preschool and those who did not
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different styles of snow shovels
  • Evaluate the qualities of soft-serve ice cream vs. hard-pack ice cream
  • Evaluate the differences between your favorite superhero movies
  • Evaluate how global corporations give back to their communities
  • Evaluate three different places where you would like to vacation
  • Evaluate three different places where you would like to live

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