A List of Intriguing 500-Word College Essay Topics on Sports

People don’t usually associate sports with academic papers. However, there are many sports topics that can be analyzed and discussed. If you’re instructed to write an essay on sports, there are many subjects that you may choose from. Below, you may look at the list of example topics that might inspire you on your own interesting idea.

  1. Video games can be considered sports.
  2. There are many games that require long-term practice and dedication to achieve significant results.

  3. Football is dangerous for children.
  4. Parents shouldn’t let their children play football because they might hurt themselves very much during the matches.

  5. Violent sports should be banned.
  6. Sports like boxing stimulate aggressive behavior in athletes and cause conflicts outside the ring too.

  7. Cheerleading is a sport too.
  8. Many cheerleaders train as hard as actual athletes. Moreover, cheerleading has a lot of in common with synchronized swimming which is considered a sport.

  9. Players shouldn’t transfer from team to team.
  10. This way, teams with rich sponsors can buy the best players and win any competition or championship.

  11. Sports betting should be banned.
  12. It stimulates sports teams and individual athletes not to reveal their full potential and earn money by losing rather than by winning.

  13. Animal sports should be outlawed.
  14. Often, trainers of animal athletes make their lives full of suffering for the sake of sports achievements which are absolutely needless for the actual animals.

  15. Athletes who doped even once should forfeit all of their titles.
  16. Such strict measures will make athletes think twice before they try cheating in order to achieve better results.

  17. Sports teams should consist of athletes of both genders.
  18. This will both make games more entertaining and promote the equality of rights for men and women.

  19. TV sports shouldn’t advertise alcohol or tobacco.
  20. Sports should not only entertain the viewers but also propagandize a lifestyle that is free from alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

If these topics didn’t inspire you on new ideas, you may just pick one of them and write your essay. Unfortunately, a good topic won’t earn you a high score alone. You’ll need to put some effort in order to compose a great paper. If you aren’t a talented writer, you may use the help of professionals. There are many sites, like this one, that provide students and other people with essay writing services. This option will save your time and nerves. However, you’ll have to give money for this type of assistance.

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