Problems in Higher Education

There are still some problems in the higher education system that need to be ironed out. One is the culture of higher education that creates so much pressure for students to manage their workloads and still succeed. Failure to do so can result in being ostracized and even lead to serious career setbacks. The cost of education is another factor to consider—and we must ask whether higher education is accessible to everyone who has potential. There also needs to be better preparation during the transitioning from high school to college or university.

Pressure to succeed

Every person is born with certain abilities and talents. These talents are further developed throughout life and if honed properly, should culminate into a promising career. However, many students are pressurized by their culture or their parents to follow a career path that is different to their passion. This leads to inevitable boredom and potential failure. Students do not cope with a heavy workload which does not cater to their interests and are therefore looked down upon if success is not obtained.


Students and their parents should ask themselves whether an investment in such an education is really worth it. Unless a suitable career path is chosen, how can anyone expect students to do well in their subjects and deliver a return on the investment their academic fees promise? In addition to this, many students who do have the capabilities of doing well in college or university never get the chance to do so because they cannot afford the astronomical fees attached.

Lack of preparation

Too many students also fail because they are thrown into the deep end of their educational lives. High school is a far cry from college or university, but many students are not aware of how drastic this transition is. There should be some form of transitioning gap provided by either higher educational institutions, or high schools themselves. Students will be less likely to drop out of college or university if they know how much more the workload will be compared to high school.

Generally speaking, higher education in our country is of a very high standard. However by ironing out these three issues, I believe the system could be that much better. Once we effectively work on direction, accessibility, and preparation; our higher education facilities will far-surpass those of other countries.

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